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July 2019

I was worried I was going to get upset and once or twice I did but felt better for it afterwards.

I booked an appointment with Kate to get better and help with anxiety.

My light bulb, aha moment was realising breathing techniques and guided meditation apps can help.  Before, I didn't think anything could help but now I know it does.

The whole experience was good and Kate came highly recommended.

July 2019

My expectations before coming to see Kate, were that she might be able to help.  I was hoping Kate could get me into a better place than I was in.

I had seen the reviews on Kate's website and facebook page and I was hopeful she could help.

My light bulb "aha" moment was only that I don't have to be like everyone else and I don't want to be like everyone else.

I think this is the best experience I have ever had in counselling.  I find Kate easy to talk to and connect to and she has kind of empowered me to be ME.  I am pretty cool.

I was sitting in rock bottoms basement and needed to do something different.





May 2019

I wasn't sure of my expectations and what actual hypnotherapy would be like.  My only experience was watching people on tv acting like a chicken!  I knew that I needed some guidance and that is exactly what I gained from the experience.

I booked an appointment as I needed to close the door on my past and open a new one to my future with confidence.

I found it a steady process.  Each week when I attended my appointment, Katherine would ask how my week had been.  I realised the changes had taken place without realising at the time.  Hypnotherapy managed to release me from my past in a way traditional counselling methods had not.

The whole experience was positive, calming and life changing.

I booked with Katherine as her name kept popping into my life via other friends and social media channels and after I read her testimonials, it gave me the confidence to try something new to me.

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