September 2019

Before working with Kate I was overwhelmed, low and anxious but she is so easy to talk to and her
kindness and empathy radiates from her making you feel at ease. I find that the “negative” image
I used to have I could no longer hold in my mind without it being replaced by my chosen “positive”
The experience was surprising, emotional, invigorating and relaxing.

November 2019

I expected initially to be able to get back to my old self, or feel even a little better. I didn’t feel in
control of my insecurities and anxiety, and it was affecting my relationship.
Kate was recommended by someone I trusted, and the work was very emotional. In hypnotherapy
I found the tools that were most relatable to me, and now I feel better and more confident for the

December 2019

Tonight I finished working with this amazing young lady who came to me as she was feeling low (a 2 out of 10) she did not feel in control of her insecurities, would compare herself negatively with others and experienced anxiety. It was having a big impact on her relationship.

Her analogy of the therapy process is..... before it was like a snowball ..... it would just roll & roll & roll & make itself bigger. I could not get it in control and I would be chasing it down the hill.

NOW I know it is ok to have a snowball and that I could stomp on it before it rolls down the hill and turns into a snowman.

(Oh and she now feels happy a 9 out of 10, with moments of being a 10) 🙏❤

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